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W J Green stock a wide range of products to lessen the effect of any pollution to the environment, whilst using your garden or forestry machinery.


We sell the latest Petrol machines that meet strict emissions regulations, using the latest technologies available, and many battery powered machines suitable for domestic and professional use.

Environmentally friendly Fuels

We also stock Aspen and Stihl Motomix fuel in both a 4 stroke and a 2 stroke version. these are Alkylate petrol which is created using surplus gases during the crude oil refining process.

When you use these environmental petrol’s, you avoid dangerous substances such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, substances that can cause serious health problems.

 The engine is also treated more kindly, for example, the spark plug and combustion chamber are kept cleaner. The petrol can be stored and even after long periods of no use, your engine starts without any problem if your tank has been filled with Aspen or Stihl Motomix environmental petrol. Environmentally, there are numerous benefits, e.g. the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) is reduced by more than 50 %.

Using an alkylate fuel also alleviates all the symptoms that modern fuels which have a 5% mix of Ethanol in them can have on garden machinery, which will only increase when the Ethanol content is raised to 10%

For further information visit Aspen fuels or Stihl Motomix.

Help support the campaign to cut fuel duty on environmentally friendly fuels by supporting the campaign here:-

 We encourage all our customers to support the campaign to abolish fuel tax on alkalyte fuel such as

Environmentally friendly Oils

As well as the Aspen fuel we stock a wide variety of biodegradable oils, including saw chain oil, and 2 stroke oil, hydraulic and transmission oils.